At Opportunity Canada Immigration Consulting, we promise to be committed to you every step of the way.


Canada is known for its practical and people-focused government, advanced and thriving economy, and its appealing and multicultural environment. 
Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to change your life? Then, why not consider immigrating to Canada by using our effective and result-oriented immigration consulting services.

Opportunity Canada is an expert, and a professional immigration and consulting company operated in the booming and the metropolitan City of Regina.

​We specialize in different areas of Canadian Immigration such as family and spousal sponsorships, skilled federal worker visas, express entry applications,  permanent resident card renewals; citizenship applications, work and study permits, and a whole host of other essential immigration-related services.

Our services are uniquely tailored to people who are seeking employment and training connections and to meet their education and career-oriented goals. Our services are ideal for anyone needing assistance or information and advice in their effort to migrate to Canada successfully.

At Opportunity Canada, we take pride in the reputation and service standard; we offer to our clients.

Kimberly Kerloff
Licensed Immigration Consultant and Foreign worker Recruiter- Saskatchewan

"Immigration is a huge decision that can impact one's life significantly. We treat this with utmost importance and have built a solid reputation based on trust, transparency and professional standards"

- Kimberly Kerloff, RCIC



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